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Amazing innovation and an opportunity for young entrepreneurs

Written By Views maker on Oct 19, 2010 | 1:04 AM


Muruganantham has make saniatry napkin making make that would produce napkins for very low price may 1/10th of market products. Despite his invention's huge success, Muruganantham refuse to sell the patent for his machine and turned down a blank cheque from a private company. He says he wants to use his invention for promoting hygiene among rural and urban poor women. In rural India, Muruganantham claims, most women use a cloth contraption as a sanitary pad, which is unhygienic and a known cause for bringing on diseases such as cervical cancer.In 2006, IIT (Madras) awarded the first prize to Muruganantham in a contest for innovating for betterment of society. He often lectures at business schools. Last year, he spoke at a meeting of innovators from across the country held at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmadabad.

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